Question for those who have played

I’ve activated and downloaded the client (yet to install) but would like to know opinions on control method. I have an X-52 Pro and a 360 controller. Which would be best for this? I’m thinking the 360 controller.


i think id agree Glo,havnt installed yet but getting the pad ready

I’m not sure if I’ve missed something or done something wrong, but I have yet to figure out how to set up any kind of controller. I have pedals, a throttle, a ch fighterstick and trackir and none of them appear to work as of yet.

Well, my 360 controller worked right off the bat. Didn’t have to change anything and all buttons seem pre-configured and work well. There does not seem to be any way of changing mappings just yet unless I am missing something? It works OK but I am too familiar with aircraft type of control. Pitch is inverted here. Pull back and instead of the nose pitching up, it goes down. Don’t know what I was expecting in a vacuum!? Takes some getting used to.

Had a couple of games. No idea what I’m shooting at. Probably friendlies :014j:


From the FAQ page:

_ 14. What will be the controlling of space ship? Keyboard+Mouse, Joystick, Gamepad? _

Keyboard+Mouse. Gamepads are also supported.

I think that the problem with a joystick, at least actually, is the turrets movements… in fact, in SC any kind of spaceship mount rotating weapons, and you control that movements with the mouse (specially in the free-cam mode, where you can aim at 360°).

Anyway, actually the game haven’t a controls menu where changing key settings, and reading the faq, a gamepad support is planned. Maybe with a gamepad with two analog sticks, control ship and weapons become more easy than with a joystick, but i think that the mouse is the better way to manage weapons movements…

I was thinking about this too, we have three ships available and they are smaller types. A frigate is a small vessel. So these larger ships will not be maneuverable, it’ll be more like a naval combat game.

However, there is a stud fighter type and an ability to fly it like one might be preferred, not to mention trackIr could at least add a fun dimension to the game as an option. I would still have liked to have the option to use my throttle and stick, despite the good playability.

Btw, has anybody been able to figure out how to fire rockets/missiles?  

Btw, has anybody been able to figure out how to fire rockets/missiles?

Firing rockets = mouse 2 (right clic)

Obviously, for homing missiles, you need first to select a target (with R) and for balistic rockets you need to aim with the mouse.

Anyway, you only need to open the game manual (pdf file in the doc subfolder of the installation) to see all controls :fed002: