Question about the new implementations...

Yesterday, I attempted to play my Wolf Mk II (IV) in a lineup with my Achilles (III) and my Hawk (II). These are ships spanning between ranks 6 to 10, which is apparently what is being accomodated in “Tier 3” PvE right now. Each time I did, it slapped me in to a “Tier 4” match and even mademy Hawk available for use (hey, not fussed, a bit of extra synergy is nice…).


Does the implementation account for this sort of thing or does the Rank 10 thing just apply to bots?

It’s quite simple.

You as player are being put into the Tier which your highest ships in your Lineup has.

This doesn’t count for bots. They can currently exceed their Tier by a bit. But just by 1 rank.

Cheers. Just wanted to confirm this issue :slight_smile: