Question about Tai'kin

I accidentally bought 5000 golds instead of 1000 golds , so I calculated whether I can go Tai’kin or not.

For result it takes additional 6 days to complete Tai’kin.


So what is the general perspective of Tai’kin?


Is it a fast recon? Or is it powerful recon?


If I think this is good, I will start grinding or I will just buy my first premium ship.

Tai’Kin is among the best recon ships (some may even say THE best)


it is small, fast, agile, good firepower combined with unique modules, it can do many things other recon ship can never achieve. Those “unique” modules found on some recon ships, majority are based on TaiKin’s modules (which came out first).


with sufficient investment, it is a super fun and versatile ship that you can customise freely based on your playstyle 


and that is the catch.


Tai’Kin takes a tonne of materials to upgrade to its full potential, more than TharGa but somewhat less than WazGot


same as all Ellydium ships, when you first craft the ship, it is rank 5, and with the recent modifications to the usual rank 5 ship, it has less module and modifiers to work with at the start.


upgrading will take a TONNE of materials. It essentially has its own huge tech tree. unique modules, weapons, modifiers are mostly unlocked by progressing down its own tree


so, the pros: 

  • TaiKin is fast, agile, with small hitbox

  • Fully decked out, it has access to half a dozen special F module, more than a dozen weapons/actives/modifiers unique to itself, providing versatility unmatched by any other


and the cons:

  • upgrading requires tonnes of material

  • unlocking F module require prayer to RNG and also sufficient iridium to open the caches (not guaranteed to give you what you want)


the RNG aspect is (probably) going to be removed in the future, but for now it remains


What you should think is this: how much money, material and time do you want to sink into this? The outcomes are, surprisingly, worth the time in this case. But if you are just starting out, would seriously recommend you AGAINST getting TaiKin at this stage.


This is an example of a TaiKin tech tree. Every TaiKin pilot out there probably has a different build, so there is no “THE build” for Ellydium ships since they are soooooo versatile and customisable.


towards the end, unlocking one node would cost upwards of 9million. To put that into perspective, a usual R15 ship costs 9million to buy.


so yes, it is powerful, more importantly it is fun. But that would require a lot of investments, not only credits and materials and iridium but also time


Thx for your kind explain.

Also, I found out that there is also NY 18, it also starts from T5 to T15.

What do you think is more difficult to reach T15 between NY18 and Taikin?

27 minutes ago, CutieSP said:

Thx for your kind explain.

Also, I found out that there is also NY 18, it also starts from T5 to T15.

What do you think is more difficult to reach T15 between NY18 and Taikin?

NY18 is easier, but it is also much less versatile.


for NY18, there is no customisable slots or blueprints to be unlocked.

so instead of several layers of circle like the Ellydium ships, it only has one single layer, each upgrade node increase rank by 1.



pros - easier to rank up; the only ship with uninterrupted full firepower in any direction you aim

cons - not as customisable; fixed slots, no unique weapon or modifier (but have unique actives)


it is a flying saucer, needless to say it is fun


performance/usefulness of NY18 depends on team. On its own, it probably wouldn’t surpass the normal Guards; but with team members nearby, it can be a force to be reckoned.

NY18 can perform really well in pvp, especially if there are other NY18 nearby.


in PvE, it’s performance is “acceptable”, nothing exceptionally good, but also nothing notably bad

Thank u very much, I think I just keep up with Taikin.

Full unlock of a Taikin is about 450 000 000 credits.

If you are a relatively new player I advise against Taikin, as fun as it could be it requires a lot of experience to fly productively, because it dies even faster than it flies. Regardless of what some people say, it’s window of opportunity is fairly small in regards to an average battles, and if there is a counter on the enemy team (like gunships with thilit + magnetic disruptor, or a better Sawtooth with a disintegrator beam) you will die a lot, or won’t be able to achieve anything and it takes a lot of experience to work around these and to know when to actually use it (that is if you care about winning your battles)

And don’t forget about the synergy and the other node resources, you can exclude the specmod ones as they will get removed and replaced with xenos and monos, Ellyduim ships are endgame material, expensive and hard to play, but rewarding nonetheless, very punishing of any mistake, and without the right modules, very vulnerable, I’ve been using it for some time and despite what people say, it does require some skill.


I think I will  rethink about this.

7 hours ago, xXThunderFlameXx said:

And don’t forget about the synergy and the other node resource

To be honest, with the recent change in credit gain, I always get more than enough synergy before I get the credits to unlock one node

Ellydium ships are more or less “endgame ships”. They require lots of investment and intimate knowledge with their respective ship types and roles.


for new players, I’d recommend progressing down the normal ship trees. Try out new varieties.


the way I see it it this, the normal ship trees are there for you to practice, to get used to what this ship role could do and should do. The “new” unique modules can add a bit of spice to the mix.


Ships from different factions may differ considerably even if they are the same type. For instance Guard frigates from Federation is quite different from those of Jericho, Command fighters of Empire and Jericho often carry different sets of modules.


Next up would be the manufacture ships, including R15s, R16/17s, a couple R11s and a couple of R10s.


R15s were the first manufacture ships to come out. They have 9 slots that you can freely choose, 3 slightly different F modules to choose from, a set of level 4/8 bonus to pick.

R15s don’t have ANY unique module, they can only use the common modules for that particular role. They require you to know what this type of ship needs in its build in order to plan the modules effectively. In terms of modules and bonuses, they don’t differ much from the normal ships.

Most R15s are quite good, though would pale in comparison with some of the top tier ships.


R16/17s are more towards the higher levels. They require you to have Pilot Level 15/16 and above in order to unlock the missions that give their blueprint caches (sure, you can buy them, but some tend to be expensive). 

They have very unique F modules, and more often than not, the entire ship’s build is centred around its F module and unique weapon and modules.

say for instance, a Wolfhound gunship, its unique F would not only increase your speed and fire rate, but also fire out a volley of homing missile barrage. A favourite among my friends is to use this in conjunction with secondary missile Firestorm as a blitz attack.

This comes at the downside of not able to choose the slot arrangement and the level bonuses. But I call that a small loss, so far most R16/17 have reasonable slots.


R10/11 are “event” ships, meaning you can’t get their blueprint outside events. They have 9 slots that you can pick, level bonuses also chosen by you, and their own unique weapons and modules. Downside being, of course, that the events tend to happen only once per year.

You can also consider the “component assembly” ships. 

These are ships that are considered premium, but you can’t buy using GS directly.

Instead they are assembled from pieces of components that you obtain randomly in battle. The amount can vary from 30 for the lowest ranks, up to 600 for the R13-17s.

Each has a unique F module, that either comes directly with the ship, or you need to do daily missions to gather more components to unlock.

They have their own weapons and modules, in addition to the one “new” unique module they can use.

In summary.


  • for now, progress down the normal ship trees, see what piques your interest.

  • R15s can be your first foray into customisable ships. You can always re-arrange their slots and bonuses by spending some credits. So go and experiment, develop a build that suits you.

  • while this is happening, consider if you want to get the Assembly ships. The lower ranks are easy to gather, but the higher ranks would require quite some effort.

  • R11s, R16/17s are optional. If you get bored with normal ships easily (like me), you may want to check out a few of these ships.

  • Ellydium ships are endgame ships. 

Ellydium ships are end-game content in cool disguise, you may end up in that tier but it doesnt guarantee you that you will know how to build one to suit you and your play style. If you’re new, try to learn the ropes of various classes alike and then focus down on what you like/play the most. 


Rule of thumb would be for a beginner standard ships>premium ships>project ships>ellydium ships. (doesnt have to be like i explained it, it’s just my viewpoint of it)

I’m almost done except I don’t have clearance level 12 and some nodes…

Here’s my last build, but I have few questions:













 I will use this ship as ‘Fast but annoying Jericho Recon ship, debuffing enemys’ speeds, transfer their shield to my ship, plus beautiful crystal attack’


  1. After putting +50% view range node, I will replace ‘Enhanced Scanner’ into something else.

Can you recommend anything suits for me?


  1. About shield slots, should I replace ‘EM-diffuser’ into ‘Adaptive Shield’?


  1. Does Taituq still penetrates the enemy(with 9C skill)'s shield?


  1. Any other suggestions?


  1. Yes. I consider the adaptive shield to be the superior option in this case.

  2. No, 9c prevents the taitaq from piercing the shield. The damage is applied to the shield.

  3. Try to make it faster! 450m/s is slower than most fighters!

Also, install an emergency barrier for safety.

11 hours ago, Scar6 said:

  1. Yes. I consider the adaptive shield to be the superior option in this case.

  2. No, 9c prevents the taitaq from piercing the shield. The damage is applied to the shield.

  3. Try to make it faster! 450m/s is slower than most fighters!

Also, install an emergency barrier for safety.


Thx for your advice, so I change into this build: