Question about Steam Star conflict Pack - Bonus ?

I just read about Steam Packs.


My question is,


Star Conflict: Mercenary Pack = “Platinum VIP”. Permanent 10%  reputation gain bonus.

  • “Allowance” 3500 galactic standards.
  • “Private warehouse” A premium-sized warehouse for modules and weapons.
  • “Artifact scanner” Grants an additional attempt when searching for loot after the battle.


Star Conflict: Elite Pilot Pack = “Platinum VIP”. Permanent 10% bonus to reputation gain as well as 10% bonuses to ships experience gain

  • “Money Bag”. 25,000 gold standards!
  • Unique T2 Empire interceptor
  • Unique T2 Jericho frigate
  • Unique T3 Jericho fighter
  • Unique T3 Federation fighter
  • “Personal Storage”. Get he maximum size of your warehouse for modules and weaponry!
  • “Elite stickers.” A unique collection of 10 luxury stickers for your ships


Star Conflict: Galaxy Explorer Pack = Permanent 10% bonus to reputation gain and a 10% bonus to ships experience gain

  • “Fat Wallet”. 10000 gold standards!
  • Unique T2 Federation interceptor
  • Unique T3 Empire fighter
  • “Personal Storage”. Get the maximum size of your warehouse for modules and weaponry!
  • “Decorations.” A unique set of 5 stickers for your ships


If I will buy the three packs - I will get +30 % ** bonus to reputation gain   and 20  % **bonus to ships experience?

or only I will get 10% and 10% ? 


I’m guessing they won’t stack purely for balance purposes.  


Apparently the T3 Jericho fighter is the best income in the game.  

Its really credits that are holding me back atm.  

they stack.





Thanks !

How big is the “personal storage” supposed to be? I bought the Elite Pilot Pack just now and got the ships & gold but my warehouse is till at 125 and I can pay to make it bigger…

999 Is the Warehouse from the middle DLC atleast.

It jumped up to 990 for me now. So I guess all is well.