question about ship weapons

which is better beam cannon or Coil mortar??

Depend on preferences… There is no better weapon  :006j:

Most players use and tank thermal dmg.

So Coil mortar should deal more dmg but then… Hit rate is better on beams.


You just have to try both and get to conclusion which suits you better.

Can I have a third option :slight_smile:

which is better beam cannon or Coil mortar??


The Beam Cannon is a versatile Thermal weapon affected by the effect of Optimal → Maximal Range degressive damage effect ( Approx Optimal Range = Max Range - (0.33 * Max Range) ) Your damage will be lower than displayed in the Hangar if your Target is between the Optimal and the Maximal Range.

The Beam Cannon is also a “Full Cannon Firing” Weapon at the difference of the Coil Mortar which is a “Barrel Rotation Firing” Weapon, meaning that to have your maximum DPS you need to have your 4 or 6 Beams (depending of the role) on the target.


One of the Hidden mechanic with the Beam Cannon is the “Focusing Spread” : If your Aim cursor is not exactly on the Target Marker, the Beam will have some kind of little spread (especially impacting your damage against interceptors trying to dodge).

You can buff the Damage of a Beam Cannon by using various way, the Standard is to improve the range when Starting to using them (prevent yourself from Overcomitting to exploit the Weapon). You can also improve the Rate of Fire to reduce the timing between each “Damage Tick” (base 1 second). 


Depending of what you’re flying the Beam Cannon is a pretty good “Starter Weapon” in most of the Situation. (Good Scalling with the Phase Shield Damage bonus / With the 6 Cannons of a Long Range Frigate / Good positionning with an Engineer).


The case of the Coil Mortar is a bit different due to multiple factor and involved mechanics with this weapon :

  • Explosive Damage = -25% Damage against Interceptors / ±0% against fighters / +25% damage against frigates
  • Firing Barrel Rotation = At the difference of all the others weapons, the Rate of Fire of the Coil Mortar is impacted by the Amount of “Weapon Slot” on a Ship, The base RoF on a Guard/Engineer is 84 Rounds/Minutes and 126 Rounds/minutes for a LRF. Secondly, All the cannons are not firing at the same time, there is a “Firing Cycle” : Each Barrel will shot separatly following a pattern (Gun 1 → Gun 2 → Gun 3 → Gun 4 → Gun 1 → Gun 2 ectect). And this is extremly important because depending of the ship and the Gun Cycle, your firing arc and blindspot will be changed.
  • Self Damage : Like all the other explosion mechanics, the Coil Mortar is one of the 2 weapons able to deal damage to your own ship, making it extremly dangerous to use in Close Range. (Your resistance are applied) In case of an Interceptors decide to hug you, you will deal more damage to yourself than to the Interceptor.

The 2 special things with the Coil Mortar are :

  • No Degressive Damage Effect (Optimal Range = Max Range)
  • Explosion Radius : First thing : You can deal damage on a 200m Radius when the Projectile explode. Secondly the Projectile will automatly detect and explode in 75m Radius around the ennemy (You don’t need Direct Hit)


The Coil Mortar have an extremly slow projectile speed, Can overheat super fast (the weapon is overheating if you try to shot in the blindspot while no cannon is firing) and is extremly hard to optimize if you are not flying an LRF.


The first stats to improve is the Projectile speed (Acceleration Coil / Implant Rank 6), the munition is now to expensive to be used on other thing than a LRF.

This weapon is extremly hard to improve before the T3 (Implants + Acceleration Coil + Base Projectile Speed)

Secondly, the DPS displayed in the Hangar is not the True DPS of this weapon depending of your Target.



Depending of the ships you are flying (Tiers and Roles) It will be easier to be effective with the beam with low gear than with the Coil Mortar.

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