Question about Prometheus

So, why this is the only Empire command ship without bonuses to command modules? I find Phobos Aura much more enjoyable than it’s t3 variant. That 20% reduction in command modules energy usage is not enough to make it viable in combat while boosting fleet, and in combat it’s still no match for good fighter pilot, unless you throw away all command mods, for combat ones, but then again it becomes standard fighter rather than command ship.

because it’s not a faction ship, whilst phobos aura is.


Try Prometheus 2 or Prometheus Fire. I love my Prometheus 2, it’s like my Deimos 2 but better. I think Prometheus Fire will be like Phobos Aura in better.


Also remember that when you buy a ship, its synergy is very low and capacitor for exemple are a pain in the xxxx. I always grind up my new vessels in PVE or in squad with mates, to ease up the process.

Yeah but it will be still offensive ship. I want to use it as command platform to support fleet rather than normal combat frigate. The issue is lack of bonus for command modules, rather than lack of capacitor, phobos have this problem when he is entering fight longer fight too, but at least he compensates that disadvanatage by supporting fleet and boosing itself a bit. I’m thinking about moving back to demios 2, it at least have range bonus. honestly I have no idea why Promy is in command ship branch, reducing cap cost is no justification for being useless in that role.

Well it has energy consumption of command modules decreased by 20%. But no boost for distance, i agree.


Still, it is a base ship, so comparison to deimos 2 wich is a faction ship is not relevant… Prometheus 2 has a tackler modules bonus (what the heck is that ???) not usefull with what you wanna do, but it has this great faction feature of the overdrive : +50 resist to the hull !!!

I’m just about to hit T3 and am still farming money in T2 but as I’m planning on my next ships I noticed that the command ships of T3 and T4 seem to be really lacking. Especially T3


The Deimos II which I currently fly has

+100% Command Range (CR)

-20% Command Energy Consumption (CEC)

+10% Weapon Damage (WD)

Faction Overdrive


The Command ships available in T3 and T4 are


Empire T3

Prometheus (20% CEC, 10% WD, standard Overdrive) - it’s a base ship so I’m okay with it being worse


Empire T4

Kastor (20% CEC, 10% WD, standard Overdrive) - same as Prometheus, it’s a base ship

King Kastor (30% Command Effect (CE), 20% CEC, 10% WD) - good ship but at the very end of the tree


Federation T3

Wolf Mk II (20% CEC, 15% WD, faction Cloak) - faction Command ship, yet only two bonuses; the Phobos Aura as a mid-tier Command has 3 bonuses in T2


Federation T4

Tiger II (100% CR, 20% CEC, faction Cloak) - Only two bonues while the King Kastor gets three. 100% CR is strong but why can the Deimos II as top T2 have 3 bonuses and the Tiger as top T4 can not? Only because of the cloak?


Jericho T3

Katana AE (20% CEC, 15% WD, faction Shield) - Same as Wolf Mk II, two bonuses. I haven’t played Jericho yet - is the Shield that strong?


Jericho T4

Lance Bartle (100% CR, 20% CEC, faction Shield) - same as Tiger II but it’s not even top tier. As a mid tier I can understand it having 2 bonuses (still don’t understand why the Deimos II gets 3 then though.


Really unsure which one to work towards at the moment. The Tiger II and the King Kastor both look like a good options but I’m a little underwhelmed especially with the Prometheus and the Wolf Mk II which I’d be flying for a very long time working towards the top tier.

thanks for this post, i’ll make a wiki page of your data.

Gotta do it for all functions…

I took the freedom to add the remaining ships. Hope that’s okay and I didn’t mess anything up.

Of course not, that’s the purpose of a wiki. Thank you.

You did well.