Question about my granite build

Hi, I’m unsure about my granite build, so need help about it.







First things first: I will build blueball Granite that can brawl in the front line and boost allies’ combat ability.

If enemies die near me, I can boost rate of fire to me and allies due to satisfaction algorithm, also I can block ecm’s attack by using Antisabotage module.

That is my goal of my build.


So here goes the question:

  1. Is 500m/s is enough for the brawler to brawl with other ships?

Don’t get me wrong here. Statics show 475m/s, but in reality, this guy can go 495m/s with afterburner.


  1. Rotation speed 

The statics show 110 and 120 for rotation. Is it still viable for the brawler or need more?

I know interceptors can rotate about 150 or even more.


P.S. Also, you can point any of my build error, and if you ask me why I do not have weapon, my answer will be “I have not enough golds to buy singularity gun 17.”


It’s pretty much a given that you should use the Energy Discharger with the Adaptive Resonator, it extends it’s effect, and if you get to activate it again while under it’s effect it will extend it significantly, enough to reactivate it again without hitting with the weapon, giving you it’s buff indefinitely.

You can use Singu or Phaser for brawling, but it reduces the specmod’s effectiveness, which also buffs allies, that will determine whether or not your build will be more supportive than offensive.


Other than that the passives are fine, Granite doesn’t have any crazy energy requirements outside of the Diffusion Shield, in fact it has enough regen provided by the level bonus.


But the actives, on the other side, the Coating Polarizer won’t help a lot without other allies around that have empire ships or ships with a lot of hull, and if you plan on using it on yourself then try the Nanocomposite Coating, you also lack self-regen, if you don’t find that buff useful enough you should opt it out for a Repair Kit or HRS.

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Thanks for your help.
My final decision looks like this: