Question about gold ships

im sorry if this is a bit off topic but i was comparing the tier 9 and 10 gold ships when i realized that jericho’s kevlar ha has one less active module compared to any paid tier 4 ship. the rank 10 jericho fighter lance also has one less passive module that the ships of its tiers. was that intentional?


theres also some oddities that i cant quite put my finger on it. most tier 11 fighters are able to carry 10 large missiles, with exception of empire at rank 10, carrying the most of its tier with 5, leaving rank 12 ships with a number of medium missiles that simply pales when compared to them. theres also a uncredible rank 10 jericho interceptor, able to carry 20 (!) small missiles. is this for balance issues? i cant see how a interceptor would use 20 proxy mines or rockets on a t4 regular game, he would most likely pop before his ammo would be spent!

Prem ships are not meant to be better than paid, although the steam dlc ships are pretty good. They have less modules(most anyway) to offset the lower repair cost. So yes, it was intentional.

And with missile reload bonus a lot of fashions have, it is not surprising to see 20 small missiles, especially when they have a 2-4 second cool down.