Question about CV1!

Hello, will  Star Conflict support Oculus Rift CV1 when its released?

I hope so, on DK 2 it was really fun!

Greetings from Germany.

To be fair,


As far as I remember, Star Conflict temporary suspended the VR Headset udapte so time ago.


I will try to have an answer for the CV1.

Thank you, support for CV1 would be very nice!

No replys to this question?

Will there be support of CV1 or/and HTC Vive in the future?

Greetings from Germany.

I hope it does, I’m very tempted to get one of these headsets.

I hope so too. I have played SC many hours with a DK2 and it was awesome.

I have preordered CV1 and maybe i will order the Vive.

SC was the best experience in DK2 for me, sold it because preorder of CV1 started!

Unfortunately, we don’t support it for now. It’s in our plans.

What is the latest Oculus version supported? I remember playing with v.6, and then I upgraded to .7 and had all sorts of issues, haven’t been able to get it to function since.

0.6 is the last runtime supported for DK2 !