Que Issues

okay all week, many pilots just sit in the hangar waiting for a game to que up (read the comments if you don’t believe me!)

I’ll wait 10 minutes, cancel que up and wait another ten minutes…no game!..I paid for a premium license and can’t fly?..I mean, come on! forget the "gift bundle-packs for family and friends if no one can fly! fix the game and stop all the other crap!




look at the time stamps and comments by other players : 



I understand you cant get games…but i cant see the relation between having a license and finding games: its not like license/bundles/etc creates players to play with. Nor how this is a bug when MM has no players to arrange and put into a game. The best i can tell you is to try queueing at another hours or changing tiers in your loadout.

Are you a North American player? Because that would explain your issues

Unfortunately R15 is best mainly in EU/RU prime time now until around midnight.


Low Murrican playerbase, and low interest of hardcore eu late-night-gamers to play long makes those queues quite empty. You gotta try every day for a bit, and use the “zone” if you find a crowd.


In my timezone, at the same time, you would get instagames.


Also it’s late spring. until it gets really really hot or wet, activity will be lower overall :slight_smile: I guess. At least every year, there are phases of dryness, and phases of flood, in any game.


Try ranking down :confused: but come back to try, as sometimes I am up at weird times and happy if people are in R15.

Something is wrong. I was up at that time and I was able to find a few games. Your last screenshot is from the time my corp started to wake up and having some games for beginning of the day. MM issues? I would wait till next patch with new MM rules and try again. 

I had similar issues in EU TZ as well, aprox. a week ago. At the beginning I got games fast, but after the 4-5th games, I just didn’t get games anymore. I waited for 15min, then I went play something else.

About the license, it is really annoying if you buy it and you can’t use it because you can’t get games.

I hope the new MM version will fix this.

[How to create bug reports](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/)

On Sunday I had to wait 10 and then 45 minutes for Pvp games. I sent a email addressed to the System.


Still really enjoy the game.