Que Info

I’d like a feature that would indicate which tiers, game types, and world regions are most filled with players. It doesn’t even have to be a total count of players, just something to indicate which places on the servers players currently reside.


Too often I log in and can’t find a battle, and my only hope is to play on the Asian servers, and that’s a real pain. I often don’t even want to play because of how difficult it is to find a T3 pvp game. I get it, I can log in at different times, however I’ve not seen any sort of feature that would tell me when the server locations are most populated.


I’d even settle playing T1 or T2 pvp if it meant I could find a game with a decent ping. I just want to fly around and blow xxxx up.

Would be nice. There was one once, before my time, but they removed it. It would be nice to just play on EU servers with decent ping, but as you say there is no way of knowing what tier/rank other players are fighting in.