Que Conflict

Just post your longest que…

let’s see how awesome MM is!

Add screenshot as proof


Solo - 42:42

2 man squad - 11:30

3 man squad -

4 man squad - 12:12


So I start with 2man squad:


I tried to solo for T4 to get the x2 syn and needed 9 minutes, but didn’t bother to screenshot it.


Also I tried a 6 man wing for SQ and got no game ofc, untill we called lGoDl and they accepted our request, we got 2 sweet games. 

But we could have got a 60 min queue if we wanted in the wing stuff.

didn’t screen shot but 9.30 ish for 2 man squad at tier3 - the busiest tier…


3.59 solo queue t3…


both had about 1000 people online


before the patch i was getting 1 minute solo queue with 400 people online… . .     .             .


At this time it is better to play solo, share TS and hope to be in the same side of the teams. And if not, having fun killing your mate.


Or make two, 2 men squads and just go to battle and fight each other.


Solo conflict again.

Once waited over 40 minutes for a game in sector conquest (first iteration of the new one)

4-man squad

The longest queue record ever was probably Rakza solo queuing SQ in first iteration for 60 minutes. xD

The longest queue record ever was probably Rakza solo queuing SQ in first iteration for 60 minutes. xD

The MM saw me Queu’in

It’s hat’innnnnnnnn

The MM is always kidding me, but i have no screenshot atm, but if i have the chance to make one i, will do this.

Matchmaking, i will kill you!

I was queued for 38 mintes last night solo.


Was playing FTL while I waited so no biggie.


Or was that Saturday night?

took that quite a while ago, but it was due to being in queue 10 minutes before SC ended, right as they introduced it, and back then it didnt cancel, but it’s definitely the double answer to all questions concerning any waiting times in the universe and everything…



5:00 solo in t3 yesterday in resulting 3v3 with bots.

Duo Que T4 1400 people online. 11 minutes.

Was on TS waiting for the other Duo team to finish their game. 

They finished and won. Because of loot we ended up against the Duo they were playing with and they had to wait 12 min for us to finish.


Solo que T4 <3 min, but you know … Solo is boring.

Solo T3 - 7 min

Squad T3 (3 man) - 11 min

Squad T2 (3 man) - 14 min


All times are US EST around 8PM to 10PM

And that’s normally… not so much, but annoying.





T3 Blackwood



please submit the following information:

  • Team size
  • SR of each team member
  • Region choice
  • Time
  • Amount of players online
  • Tier
  • Queue time

Team size: 4

SR: 1600-1700

Region: Any

Time: 22:29 CEST

Tier: 4

Queue time: 12 min+ (CJ canceled at 14)