Pyro Emitter won't apply thermal damage when already active and just came in the range of targets

Bug report: Pyro Emitter issue - Only a problem when an already active Pyro beam (damage ticks) are applied in the last 2-second phase when a moving target comes in range and contact with it.



What happened?

Pyro Emitter deals thermal damage, but there are some unique circumstances when it does not apply correctly or is not applying at all.


What should have happened?

Pyro Emitter should deal damage at all times, even when the target came in his range and contact. Damage ticks should not be ignored in such cases.

This applies to bots and also for the moving Pirate Cruiser when you aim at his turrets. Not sure about other ships, but it’s possible that this issue affects all ships during such circumstances.

If the Pyro beam was not in immediate contact and range before charging or during an active phase, all thermal damage will be ignored, even when in direct contact.

Unfortunately, I did not record a video at that time.



Explanation/How to replicate this bug:

  • To replicate this bug, you need an already active Pyro Emitter beam in an active phase (last 2-seconds or less for damage ticks)

  • If one or more targets were not in contact with it, but your Destroyer and ships moved and came under its effect, the beam will not affect them at all. (Bots, Pirate Cruiser, possibly all the ships)


  • Use a Destroyer. (recommended: Rank 14 Federation Destroyer - Sirius)
  • Equip Pyro Emitter in active module slot 1.
  • Go to Open Space, Stripped Deposits - Jericho sector is easy enough to test) / PvE - Defence Contract scenario - Pirate Cruiser only, focus on the upper 6 Turrets
  • Pyro beam must already be active (2 seconds or less) but still functional before it will come in the range and contact of bots (tricky to execute - timing is everything)

or: (proper timing and precision required)

  • PvE - Defence Contract - Pirate Cruiser, try to replicate this issue by using Pyro Emitter 17 Mark 4 on its upper 6 turrets (activate before the contact to come to contact a moment later) (observe a bug)





Pyro Emitter 17 Mark 4:



Recommended Destroyer build/setup:



Recommended Implants:




Video: For some strange reason only 1 thermal tick counted, but not the rest while the beam was in range and contact with enemy turrets.


Aiming and activating Pyro Emitter before it comes in the range of object (Missile Launcher) (5400m -) will usually ignore thermal damage.


Logs: (Logs only contain this issue - Check Open Space, Jericho sector/Abandoned Complex, all Pyro Emitter entries)

[2018.06.12](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17180)


Logs 2: (Defence Contract - Only check last PvE mission - Defence Contract)

[2018.06.12](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17181)

If any of you can help me to replicate this bug or try it yourself, you’re welcome to post your findings and logs here.

I just recently noticed this too. If it happens again I’ll post logs.

3 hours ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

I just recently noticed this too. If it happens again I’ll post logs.


I noticed it over one year ago but I forgot to put it on my bug list.

This is not a recent bug, but I admit it’s hard to spot. It’s easy to replicate and it can be replicated at any time. Timing is everything.


If they fix this bug, then there’s only one other ‘potential’ bug that exists on Destroyers - router or capacitor issue that dictates if you can’t only cycle between the modes or inactive effects.