pyro beams on destroyers are bugged

I have played a lot of SC and one thing that makes me sad is the pyro beam used by many destroyer pilots. Its a great weapon no doubt, since it fires much further then the 5k its supposed to, and can even fire through solid objects, like towers. I have personally been killed by a beam I watched hit the tower between us and go right through, killing me and even on and off the page. I do know after seeing that that they do tend to run out much further than intended, and with this bug, can even fire through some solid objects. Since targeting is also weird here and hitting R or T does little if anything to target ships under the pointer, then it seems that SC needs some help to fix these troubles, and since many use this exploit silently, someone needed to report it and ask for help fixing it, so here it is.

It’s not shooting through wall, it’s just that you forget one thing : If the destroyer move the beam move too.


They shoot through some objects like the singu does, and the 5km range is only for mk1. The mk4 shoots 5.4km.

Its no but but feature they are supposed to shoot through!"

Note that the end of the beam stays still, only the Destroyer end moves.

No bug, shooting through specific objects its a feature only a few weapons have (as you named sing cannon, as well for phaser, repelling beam, plasma arc…). Range is working well (i havent seen any pyro shooting at 6km or more: it fires what stats show, no bug there…if you think 5,4km is too much, better check photon range stats). I dont know what you mean with R and T (locking options work perfectly fine for me, and you can keybind them for other targeting purposes: lock nearby ship, lock whos locking you, remove lock, etc), probably you have the next option selected: “lock who you shoot at”, which will remove any other lock you had (can be changed in options, i use “only lock if no target has been locked”). Anyways, i find that pyro is quite bad (takes a lot to charge up and deals 22k dmg IF the target is still in range after the wind up time and total fire time: 4 seconds; you will mostly hit destroyers without ensuring a full hit), i rather photon (like twice the dmg in 30 secs), tempest (more than 3 times the dmg if you hit a big target, or much more precise dmg against crownds), repelling beam can deal more dmg against destroyers or buildings and the push back feature is quite nice (without windup time), and blackhole will certainly deal much more dmg against destroyers if properly used.

Can one explain ‘can even fire through solid objects, like towers’?

  1. Does he mean with towers the beacons?
  2. Why do he think fire through?
    I use pyro and Firing THROUGH is not possible. But what I use: I fire right/left from the tower and the guys staying left/right get burned due the radius of the beam.

Moving with the beam through a solid obstacle(with previous pointing at a target) doesn’t damage the target as the beam is stopped by the obstacle.