PvP summer battles mission accidentaly resetted

I had reached stage 16 in PvP summer battles mission when I accidentaly pressed cancel. I thought that after my canceling the objective would just postpone it by one day, yet it seems that the stages resetted and I have to start all over. I wonder if there is a way that I can be brought back to the stage I canceled the mission or do I have to do the mission all over again?

Your total missions completed will still go up as normal in the achievements page, so I think you’ll be alright.


If all else fails, you should have time to get 30 missions even if you have to start over. So don’t panic too much!

And when you dont get you ship blame the game and ask the support if they are so nice and give you the ship.

They will demand visual proof and logs. I would copy them somewhere safe.

I am always making screenshots in such cases.

So far, I am okay. 3x20 status.

10 more and the Premium ship will be mine.

I have accidentally clicked on “cancel” two times (for pve missions) … And all over again :fed014: … It is REALLY annoying !!!

Apparently it’s being fixed today, according to the bug report section.



If you already completed all the tasks, given by Ms. Summer before the patch, do not do them again today.

After the update 1.1.6**.**, Ms. Summer missions will respawn again and the counter will move up from 21/30 to 22/30, which is not supposed to happen.

If you already accepted those missions, or do them ahead of time, provided that you had at least 1 Open Space mission available beforehand, immediately file a bug report, or contact the Support team.

You should do them tomorrow, since they are scheduled to launch every day!

Failing to do so, may result in severe, if not permanent account penalties, or even the termination of your account.


Report this issue, if it has happened to you.


You have been warned!