PvP & PvE moving spawn platform

The map is easily build but may not be easy to code:


It is a circular arena where spawns move around the circle at 500m/s and has a “local zero-point for ship speed”.

As this area could provide invincibility, fregattes and destroyers shouldn’t be able to spawn camp so easily.


The circle looks like a crown (pictures: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Crown) with objects from other maps (asteroids, etc)

Ships don’t destroy themselfes but enter a microwarp to a gate on the outside where they wait for the respawn point to arrive - there can be multiple in alternating order.

This makes an interesting mechanic (when does the repair zone arrive)


Additionally, the map could offer a storm-like warp-vortexes which moves ships around but the centre is free of these warp-vortexes.


It could also be easier to descent than ascend (higher speeds) to make it even more unique if desired.



Wether the spawns move or not move, you have one or more objective in the middle.


Similar to beacons or stuff you need to attack to mine ores which have to be brought to spawn or whatever you like.

Like a map with a gig gravity center in its middel, say a star or two-sol system?

Would require a big map…?

We have wormhole anomalies and gravity-lense weapons. We don’t need a map that big.


Just 20km with 9km to the objective.