PvP/PvE/Co-op - Invulnerability is not reset or removed when opening fire!

Bug report:



What happened?

Using primary weapons fire (guns) as well as secondary weapons fire (missiles) will not instantly remove the Invulnerability or Invincibility effect.

Using the active modules will reset or remove the effect in most cases but not in all of them. (Example: Tai’Kin special modules.)

The effect lasts for 8 or 10 seconds until it’s automatically removed on its own or until it expires. The enemy will take their damage as usual.

The enemy will be unable to deal any damage or 0 damage but they will receive full damage from them.

Joining players can abuse this when they spawn into battle as well when they respawn again if they die.


This issue is NOT the same as the Station Protection mechanic.


Affected ships:

  • Ships under the control of a player - PvP

  • Bots or AI controlled ships in Co-op

  • Bots or AI controlled ships in PvE scenario - ‘Monolith’


What should have happened?

When using any form of aggression, the Invulnerability protection should be instantly removed or revoked. This should also apply to bots and PvE enemies in the ‘Monolith’ scenario.


This mechanic is prone to abuse and should be fixed already over a year ago that I reported it.

Existing bug report:







Logs: (Check Monolith PvE map, check for AI controlled spawn points or portals - EM torpedoes did 0 damage.)

[2018.07.07 13.25.15.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17286)

It’s a double of 


5 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

It’s a double of 


Yes, it’s double, but that bug report is outdated, that’s why I created this one.


I strongly recommend acknowledging this bug report instead.


Bug ID tag: 0095929

17 hours ago, Koromac said:

but that bug report is outdated


14 hours ago, Skula1975 said:


It’s always better to see at a report with the latest log entries. I don’t mind if a bug or issue actually gets fixed.