PvP "Mode Select"

Combat Recon ruins my day, I hate it with a vicious passion that is so utter and complete that I will not play it. I do not find it fun, rather I find it a protracted version of torture. Thus please allow us to freely select the mode’s we wish to participate in, similar to how you can chose a specific PvE scenario. This method is vastly superior, as it doesn’t bum out my teammates when I refuse to waste my time playing the match. Nor likewise for anyone else who refuses to play in similar scenario’s for whatever reason.


Also it doesn’t occupy my ships, which are not being used because I’d take one look and turn around anyways, for an entire round of “Going to play a different game now.” because I don’t feel like waiting for my ships to be finished either. So, if you did this, I’d play the game more. That’s good right? I do spend money on the games I play more, world of tanks has harvested a good little sum of cash from me.

This has already been discussed and it won’t happen in the near future. Right now it would increase queue times a lot.