PvP Mode - Seige

Idea is new PvP mode called Siege.


Objective is to own all 3 beacons. If all 3 beacons are not captured then team with most beacons captured wins the battle.


You start with 3 beacons with only one active. First team to capture owns that beacon and the beacon is deactivated, activating the second beacon. If the same team captures the second one then that one is deactivated and the final one is activated else if the opposing team captures then you go back to the first beacon with opposing team now owning a beacon. 


Spawn killing in this mode can cause a possible draw if no beacons are captured.

Ideally more beacons would be better. But this is only a rough draft of an idea that you/devs can work the kinks out on.



Lowering the capture speed would likely be better in this mode.








It would prolly end up in taikin domination due to its speed.

54 minutes ago, ORCA1911 said:

It would prolly end up in taikin domination due to its speed.

Strategy is always the winner.


If you see that opposing team is using Tai’Kin and your team is nothing but frigs then go straight to the second beacon and deny, then the fight is on. Better team work and less spawn camping (hopefully).


Come one guys, help me out on this one. Everyone wants PvP to be better so help.

I Like it. But maybe have the next beacon spawn in a random location instead of having set places. Idk tho.

Just FYI, this is already a thing in some of the MMO’s I have played. Example is Hawken which is actually where I got the name from. (I hate them for making it dx11 now cause now I can’t play it :sad face:)


Also, if they are in random places, which i think could be fun, that would give fast ships the advantage. I use fast ships in beacon modes but EVERYONE knows that there is always frigs in beacon modes. XD