PvP Mode - Extended battle

Extended battle  - New PvP game mode suggestion

Due to I think that new destroyers class ships which are recently introduced on the game mode “skirmish”, this actual PvP mode now lacks a bit of agility, because of obvious reasons. My suggestion is to keep it just like it was, without destroyers.


My suggestion is a new PvP game mode where destroyers and new and bigger class ships that could be added to the game may fight on extended battles over i.e. 45 minutes, this could lead to a longer matches using more strategies and tactics.


This game mode could also introduce a new player role and new items:


The Battle Commander

The role is just active while the match is running, just something like the captain in recon game mode for skirmish, he could plan and develope the battlefield from another different and minimal interface, just as a chess gameboard.
Perhaps to command a battle like this could require some help from a Captain or a Lieutenant, or maybe both :slight_smile:


New items

New buildings which could be objectives and vital points for each team; i.e: Each team could build and distribute their own defensive turrets and starbase as well as other buildings set.


Thanks for reading.
I’d like to know what do you guys think about this.



Yes please, and then remove them from PVP :slight_smile:

yes please! destroyer make the game boring, there is no strategy, just 4 destroyers per team shooting on everything…


Problem is not Destroyers.


Problem is how the majority of players play this game, and how certain maps forces you to do so.

I don’t see people moving. They stick to objects in space and spam their abilities from their.


Take those players and put them in destroyers and they think they got a 1Push Win buton ship. They do not move. Spam Shield and try to hit at +6000 meters with Meson canon. They make me laugh :005j:

Some maps, unfortunately, gave you a wide open central area, 2 props for cover and that’s all you need for people just to stick there and not move while there are plenty of possibility for flanking. You have 2 blobs fighting front to front becasue IT’S EASIER, BRAIN DOES NOT NEED TO WORK. WHY SHOULD I THINK ON A GAME WHEN I HAVE FUN THIS WAY ?


That’s how the masses do. That’s in this way the Game Industry makes money.