pvp launcher

I don’t know if this has been complained about before but this bugs me no end so I’ll complain here and see if there is a solution offered.
I want the Palom. It should be dead simple to get. But it’s not because the pvp launcher keeps putting me into co-op.
It’s not my fault that the launcher works that way.
If I click the pvp button and get added to co-op then a win should count as pvp.
This is easily fixed. Change the parameters for the event to allow all game modes to count.
In fact, all of the ships that can be earned from collections should allow all game modes.



Equip a rank 4 ship and insert that ship into one of your slots, along with your maximised rank 3 ships. You don’t have to play your rank 4, it just has to be slotted to access PvP.