pvp kinetic kills

I am trying to collect the parts for the Styx Combat drones.
I am currently stuck on a mission the requires 20 kinetic kills in pvp.
I have 3 ships equipped with kinetic weapons and have been in several battles with the proper guns and ammo installed.
Not 1 of the kills or assists I have made over the last 3 days has registered in the counter.
All other quests have completed fine.

I’m not sure that matchmaker is the right place to report this but it seemed the best spot.
Win 10. intel core I5 2.67ghz. 8g ram. 64bit.



Is it the first task of the mission? Have you accept it the whole mission?

You know you have to accomplish the task one after another righ?

I figured out the issue.
User was asleep at the switch.
![:007j:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007j.png “:007j:”)



Please read this

Also, write contract name and date when you have tried complete it