PvP in Artuga maps - ruined (updated!)



Every match i’ve had in every Artuga map has had a huge lag. It starts ok, after 10-20 seconds, when you start moving, avoiding walls, objects and looking for enemies, it simply can not be played. 


The ping is normal, but i’m not sure what this can be. It’s like the map is “too loaded” with content, or this is “too rich”. Something is strange, as this happens only on these maps, not the old ones, which work fine. 

I will try to post a video maybe, but what i find strange is that although the ping and FPS are similar to other maps, the Artuga ones simply look like everything happens in (very) slow motion. 


The only ship type that can be used is a LRF.  Don’t even dream of a fast gunship, a recon or a dessie. Stand still and shoot - this is the only way to avoid that huge lag, or whatever it is. And i’m on an i7 proc, so no problems with my comp ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


Has someone else been through this? How can this be explained? And …fixed??




On a 2nd thought, it’s better to give every player an option to CHOOSE if he wants or not to play these horrible maps. I totally dislike them, and I’m sure there are lots of players like me.

So, please give us an option like setting the server, or setting the audio and so on. Something like “enable Artuga maps in PvP” or “disable…”. Simple solution, for me, to get rid of these maps. Thank you!