PvP Bonus Bug

I was directed to this part of the forum in a ticket to explain a weird issue I’ve been having.

When I started playing, I saw that the 3 main game modes gave a daily win bonus. For a while, Co-op bonus worked, doubling my synergy, and so did PvE but PvP wins never counted. That is, until I reached Rank 4, which it now works. For some reason, there seemed to be some kind of weird rank requirement for me and my spouse. I was told that shouldn’t be the case.

Not only that but I also noticed that if I did PvP first and won, it would consume my Co-op bonus without doubling my synergy, thus making me lose out on a lot of synergy. 

Today, there was no issue at all but that happened for the first few game sessions that we had up to Rank 4.

If I was to replicate the issue, I would:

-Create a new account

-Win a PvP match

-Notice that it did not use my PvP win but it used my Co-op win without any bonus


That weird man.

Not weird, when you try T1 PvP you often end up in Co-op so it seems to work as intended.

It really is odd. Everything seems fine now but it was frustrating for a while. I would suggest everyone to do their co-op win first before doing PvP to secure their bonus.