[PvP] Beacon Hunt

Game Mode Information:

  • Each team starts on one side of the battlefield
  • The map has three neutral beacons in three different locations of the map
  • There always is only one beacon active at the same time
  • Each team has 175 control points at the start of the battle
  • You have to capture the neutral/hostile beacons
  • The beacons activate in intervals of ~80 seconds
  • Each captured beacon drains the enemy control points
  • You can repair allied beacons
  • Destroying enemy ships speeds up the depletion of enemy points
  • You can re-use your destroyed ships
  • You cannot respawn while your team controls the active beacon





Guard Drone:




Winning Conditions:

  • Deplete all of the enemy control points
  • If the time runs out, the team with more control points left wins

The beacons cycle in a fixed order after 79/80 seconds.

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