PVE x2 credits

I started to notice that I don’t receive the x2 for credits. I just finished a pve (Captured Dreadnought) I got 220k for it, did the same one and the 2nd time I got 227k.  With the x2 I should be getting 420-450k.  Anyone else notice this?  I will post screenshots again tomorrow when I can do x2 again,I didnt think of taking at the time today.

Possibly you did not perform well that first round and therefore got less credits. Sometimes you will find yourself in a match with a very skilled player that takes all of the points for themselves.

I thought it’s x2 for synergy only?

I thought it’s x2 for synergy only?

It is.

Someone told me it was x2 for both.  To be honest it would not make sense to have x2 xp and not have x2 credit 

It is just doubled synergy, not credits.


Every game that have such a x2 feature offers ONLY double experience, and NEVER credits. Not that tanks game though, gives like 1.25x credits for premium tanks on first win.


Well that makes sense.

Hooray for dev screenies! Xp