PvE - Waz'Got Battle Station construction phase is shown for all players in the Spectator Mode

Bug report: PvE - display status of Waz’Got battle station while viewing other players in the Spectator mode.



What happened?

Building a Waz’Got battle station by a 3rd party, by someone else, will show you the construction status while viewing other players as well - the Spectator mode switching players back and forth.

PvE - Ariadne’s Thread scenario was selected for testing, but can be replicated anywhere, even in other game modes in PvP if in spectator mode, etc.


What should have happened?

When a certain player is building the Waz’Got battle station, you should not be able to see its construction phase while viewing other players in the Spectator mode.



Screenshot: Correct construction display for the player that’s building the Waz’Got battle station.



Switching to another player who has nothing to do with the Waz’Got battle station, you don’t see the active construction meter, but you can still see the sign or info about it about its current installation.







Logs: (Check Ariadne’s Thread entries.)

[2018.06.13 19.52.17.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17184)