PvE timer starts at 0.00 [F]

This has been a problem for me for months, but I thought it would get resolved…


If I am playing a PvE battle and I do not die, the next round’s timer starts and stays at 0.00. I would like to know how much time I have left to wait, type messages, etc. even if I will not be changing my ship. I believe that this is consistent every time. Thank you.

Select another ship, and then change back to the ship you want to use, and you will see again the timer.

I can confirm this happening. Only i cant even see what ship i’ve selected, but if i click on the ship, it circles it by my name. Changing ships seems to have no affect. usually happens on phase 2 of PVE. 

Happens here as well. I just go for the ship i need and hope for the best? xd

Same here, it happens on all phases. It happens mostly when you don’t switch ships between phases, in that case the timer will stay on 00:00 and you can’t see your ship’s fitting until you change ship… 

Ive seen this as well, but clicking on all my ships one at a time and then the one I want to use normally resolves it. Shouldnt have to do it though. 

While we’re on PvE quirks.  In blackwood shipyard, once you kill the last ship in the first round the top of the screen goes back to wave one.

Thats intentional as it resets the round as you move on to round 2.

No, it goes to round 1, 24/24 enemies destroyed.





I know it’s a trivial bug, but it’s there.


I did this just now just for this report, so I don’t want to hear anything about module choice.