PVE queueing system

Ive seen how PVE queue system worked before patch 1,2 and how it does actually. Both systems have strenghts and weaknesses; Old system allowed you to see wich map you were queueing for (so you could build up your ship just specifically for that mission), but 1 hour with the same map was kinda boring. On the other hand, new system provides a random queue wich is great! (no more playing the same map over and over), but you cant see wich map you are going to play, so you have to bring an all around ship/build (not as effective as it would be with a specialized build; I.E: cov ops are perfect for clearing objectives and turrets at fort muerto round 1 and 2 (even for killing boss at round 3), a guard wouldnt do that good, however with coils and pulsar it would perform much better for any round of captured dreadnought). Also new PVE system allows to queue for a specific map so you can play the one you want (problem is that you dont know how much people is queueing that map, wich makes you wonder if you will wait 1 minute or 1 day xD).

My suggestion is:

  1. Make a mixed system: you have a preview of of the map you are gonna queue and it changes each 5 minutes. That should allow playing different maps each time and also being able to choose an effective build for that map.


  1. If i guess right, players queueing specific map affects the game being picked for players that queue in the random section, wich would kinda invalidate first point since its not a premade choice, instead is a player based choise (i guess that if no player queues for a specific map, server picks a map randomly). Considering that, players that queue for random maps could see a list of maps being queued by players (so they know wich map is likely to be played, and therefore modify the build for those options).


  1. In the section where you choose wich PVE map to play: add some icon or special coloured on maps being queued by one or more players (not specifying the amount of players in queue), in order to let you know if you are gonna get a game or just waste your time, and motivate other players to queue a map being queued.

Thanks, we already got some similar suggestions and we will think about it.

thx for looking it :smiley: