This is my 1. post on game forum.My english is not so perfect but i will try to explain :slight_smile: .

I saw notice about suggestions for new PvE maps.

I got 1 idea about mix pvp+pve together so players get more challenge.


  • i think this one should be like “Defense Contract”(just 1 stage not 3).

-we got those warp gates on some maps yeah?

-we need to use that to make this-race 

-there should be a lot of warps but that is boring ya? so there is another trick

-put 4 players in “team A”,and another 4 in “team  B”


1. wave (start)-each team see huge path front of them-where to go

-they can see like 5-10k range far away on right/left side rival team and their path parallel to their

-they fly through glass tunnels so they get vision where is rival team


2.wave (tunnel of pain)each team reach 1. big area(huge tunnel-bigger dimensions) where pve mobs spawn and do some pressure on them (tacklers who slow them but they use some repair modules so they can also repair themselves

-teams have to destroy that tacklers much faster as they can so they can reach and open 1. warp gate 


3.wave (tunnel of darkness)they warp to dark tunnel where their vision is limitless and they have to stay close to each other because their ships product light within 5m(very small)(from energy)

-when they reach half way of tunnel of darkness pve mobs spawn (ECM ships who drain their energy-so players have to use multipurpose active modules for jericho implant rank 8 to be immune)and with that they have to help teammates who don’t have that

-ECM mobs spam energy drain every 5 sec for 5 sec x5 times times (5x5=25 sec)so if some player fly ecm or full energy ship he still lose energy but if players periodically use r8 implant they can see light!

-tunnel should be dark like room without light at night without windows-so this can be made

-tunnel need to take some shape to make harder way for players to see light again and 2.warp gate


Warp gates should be big like that in open space so players will not explode because of each other!

Warp gates need to warp players front like small ones not just “C” on them and gg wp

Each Gate should be long 15k range-recon microwave engine range


4.wave (PvP 1.area-nuclear tunnel)

-both teams fly through same tunnel 

-2 paths merge into 1 tunnel and after that 1 to 2 again 

-team who reach 4.wave faster then rival team get advantage-they collect ''C" nuclear barrels(looks like fuel in open space) and they need to eject that barrels on spawn spot(2.warp gate-4.wave) of rival team

-each player can pick just 1 barrel 

-nuclear barrels explode-triger if something move near them(like recon mines),they deal small amount of damage but radiation infect players for 3 minutes dealing 50-100 damage per sec or less/more and reduce healing by 30-50%(i am not sure how hard that is…)

-after team successfully ejected barrels their 3.warp gate is open and they can jump to 5.wave

-slower team take radiation damage what will hurt in 5.wave so hard 

-if their 5.wave(3.warp gate) want open then have to find “key” or deck on all 4 barrels  (key should be something little to collect and use that to open 3.warp gate)


5.wave (Jericho lost guard squad arrive ready for payback!(ronins)) 

-“something is wrong…oh they are there! we are saved!”

-“catch them guys! bring them into cages like they did to us!”

-so guards using pulsars ya>>>>less damage then normal but duration is for ever! 

-each pulsar deal different type of damage not just thermal

-guards use tacklers active module “target painter” 

-every 10 sec all guards became immune to any kind of damage except 1(they switch after 10 sec)

-players have to use their dps smart or they die!

after they defeat ronin guards 4.warp gate opens for 6. wave 

-wounded radiation team will get a lot of problems on this wave because of pulsar+radioactive damage

-in that area should be some asteroids-small size(little bigger then frigate size)so players can hide and block pulsar direct effect


6.wave (wave of revenge and backup!)

-faster team get into new area where they can fly cruise speed 700m/s(only in this area)

-area is big and relief is beautiful with hot colors and some big sun on background (but really big like…like this one :) 






-each player disassemble! -LOL wtf ayax are you crazy man lol-,maybe but yeah disassemble!

-they disassemble to holoships like recons 

-so 3 players in team became 9 players who shooting you but don’t deal damage and you see yourself like 1-you have to find micro-locator to see your teammates again

-your 3 teammates also have same problem

-each player see 9 players and if he find micro-locator-holoships with that name explode so other teammates take less aggro from 9 players to 6 or 3 etc and easier to find micro locator 

-if player found micro-locator and his holoships nevermore attack guy in team he is still auto-invisible to his team but he can tell them on chat where to go to find their micro-locators

-point of this is to all 4 players be free for pvp fight with rival team who finished 5.wave

-if they find all micro-locators they can prepare for fight vs rival team 

-if they don’t find, their eyes see a lot of players and rival team see who is real player who not so

1)if they don’t find, rival team get in and shoot all players and take down half of their shields and half of their hulls so 50% still exist of hull and shield (no less then that!)(eat their 50% of survivability via hp)

2)if they find in interval of 10-30 sec before rival team finished 5.wave both teams can “eat” each other hp for 20% so 80% still exist on all players!

3)if they find and rival team don’t reach area for 30-1 min rival team is eliminated!(time interval should be fixed proportional to ronin guards pulsars and 5.wave fight duration etc…)

-1 and 2 -both teams after permanent  reduced hp became 1 squad what can warp through 5.warp and 7.wave!

-3 if “team A/B” defeat rival team in 6.wave team fight,in last wave boss power is little reduced


7.wave(final push!)

-Jericho commander(boss) get in area with all mobs from previous waves!

-that is like hell but there should be some containers to collect to reduce effects of mobs and boss and with that win final wave(similar like in “defense contract” cruise-destroy engines-destroy turrets-central canisters etc-more dmg)

-boss give command buffs to all mobs and use diffusion shield(resistance and dmg buff)

-boss use phaser

-while boss use diffusion shield phaser is normal fast projectile weapon

-while diffusion shield disappear boss’s phaser is big slow high damage spheres

-there should be also asteroids where players can hide from fatal damage

-players with reduced hp have to be careful to not die

-if any player die he lose some % to get 100% loot reward for himself


-reward should be monocrystals/some rare blueprints/high amout of credits/and other expensive things

-this should be special operation or pve or i dont know what

-i said each team have 4 players but there can be much more like 8 

-about loot make it rare but still able to get,players really need that,they want play game not cry because they cant get new tackler lol!!!and kraken and ronin and saw one and lol…please!!!

-i am not sure about dimension of this,its very very huge but i know you can do that guys! :D 

-recommended ships: 

support ships:

-engineer-because of heal,energy buff

-guard-singature masking,aoe dmg ,tank

-command-resistance/speed/dmg buffs

damage dealers:

-lrf-strong dps but careful,wounded hp!!!

-gunship-nice burst for special time when you really need burst

-covert ops-fast little devil **** lol,wont comment more


-this game mode is about good teamwork not just fire fire fire kill kill kill!


I am not sure this gonna happen but i want try! if i cant get reward,it will be nice some of this be in future in our game :).

There are a lot of more things what can be used to make this post better-more details-and other things,if you agree to work on this i can put more details and more reworked things in it,but its not easy to make that in game…

I am so sorry because my english grammer is bad,its not my main,i am from serbia.

  • pls don’t blame me because of this :3 -


by ayax15back/Frigela 27.9.2015.


Maybe this might be interesting for you.

Thanks for the nice idea.