PvE - Monolith: ' The Commander strikes back!' objective is not awarded!

Bug report: PvE - Monolith scenario



What happened?

After you save the body of a Commander - ‘Saving private Commander’, it comes back later in his Destroyer - Lotharingia SR-3.

Problem is that when it comes back, the 10% reward bonus is never applied or activated for the mission - ‘The Commander strikes back!’.

Usually, there should be a text update in the chat and also a sound notification to know that this secondary objective has been completed successfully at the end.


How to replicate this bug?

  • Play the PvE scenario - Monolith. (Rank range: 13-17)
  • Save or collect the Commander’s wreckage ship.
  • Wait for Lotharingia SR-3 to arrive - no reward bonus will be awarded or given, including no sound or text notifications (a bug)




After you save the Commander’s damaged ship, it will come back later as the Lotharingia SR-3. This is a side mission - blue exclamation mark.


Commander Dwight Lang is having a Destroyer, called ‘Lotharingia SR-3’. Another secondary mission.







Logs: (check the time stamps on the screenshots for the PvE Scenario - Monolith - 18.06.18, ±14:40 or ±2:40 PM)

[2018.06.19 12.35.20.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17214)


Just to let you know, this issue with 10% raise is still not fixed in the 1.5.5 update.