PvE mission survey (Discussion)



Pilots! The UMC launches an in-game survey on the new PvE missions “Attack on Monolith” and “Price of Trust”. 


In addition to the in-game survey, we would like to read your suggestions, additions or comments regarding these PvE scenarios.


Star Conflict Team

The survey asked about the ideas and I thinks the IDEAS are neat and provide variety of choice as to how and when to complete mission. Also depends on skill.



The execution “leave some space for improvement”. As the gameplay goes, the “Monolith” is neat and tidy, after some time you know what to do and when, with action happening at certain, well-defined places you only need to go extra mile for additional bonuses. This is neat and well-done. The “Price of trust” is simply boring with lots of flying back and forth on top of that, sprinkled with dissapointment of no bonus tasks. Also, both of the missions have a dessert of big ol’ F.U. when you get to the reward screen. Not fun.


In “Price of trust” : The sheer distances needed coupled with DPS race makes some outcomes almost impossible for a squad of heavy ships(due lack of mobility) or inties (low damage output). Also, it has some confusing “orders”, like the mining of some installations without clearly stating how and where. Not to mention having to destroy targets within shooting range of those HUGE FRIGGIN CANNONS IN WORKING CONDITION the dread is equipped with. lol. The cruiser part also raises several points. Like why is it not obliterated by aforementioned cannons? Or why does it have to hug the dread to … do what, exactly? Transports are clear: if they dock, you lose(transports may carry marines and they actually head for the “docking bay”). But the cruiser? Is it ramming the Dread? Ramming speed of 60m/s? Why is it ramming disabled vessel instead of positioning outside of main guns shooting arcs? Why is it not shooting the Dread? Is there any non-aggression pact since they don’t shoot at eachother? Then why you loose when cruiser reaches the dread? That part doesn’t make much sense to me. Feels like it was added to “be cool”, and fails miserably.

In “Monolith”: Capturing beacons with few hidden snipers stuck at the other side of map spamming “xxxx bubbles”* on top of your squad can be annoying. Make this skill line-of-sight dependant and it’ll be OK.


  • many paths to choose from (or be pushed towards by skill level)
  • abysmall reward after PvE rework. Both Monolith and Price of trust are not worth doing at all - other than sightseeing

  • “Price of trust”: to much distance to cover

  • “Price of trust”: objectives not explained clear enough

  • “Price of trust”: no sense whatsoever in many palces in the plot

redacted part meant to be “(happy rainbow) bubbles”.

If someone can link all the different threads that have mentioned of the PvE mission here, it would be great!

I am in 100% disagreement with the non-living player AI’s . They do not do the mission objective at all . they prevent you from doing a higher lvl to get more insignias . The player AI’s need to be REMOVED from the game completely. The power lvl’s for player damage buff only affects main weapon but the AI damage includes ALL damage sources . The defense lvl’s for player hit points only affects hit points and does not give the actual % you have but the AI defense gives not only HUGE % of hit points but also HIGH damage resistance as well . As I’m sure everybody has noticed when players team up and farm insignias they ALWAYS choose Defense Contract . This is because any map that has massive amounts of fighters or interceptors you have to kill to move to the next stage takes longer than 20 minutes at high lvl’s . AI’s at high lvl’s have 100,000 hit points or more and move so fast and erratically you only hit them 2 out of 10 times , regardless of your DPS your only doing minimal damage . I really hope you change these things to make the game more balanced it would be appreciated by the entire server I’m sure .