[PvE - Mission] Hidden Maintenance Shop

In this mission you and your squad members have to attack an enemy Dreadnought, which is in construction. The ship is barely finished, but some of its weapons are working and many enemy ships are protecting it.


3 Control Stations are located around the Dreadnought, supplying it with energy and providing further intel on ship activity.


Round 1 : In this round you have to capture the control stations, which are protected by enemy ships and turrets. You have to capture all stations in order to procede to round 2.


Round 2 : In this round you have to destroy the 4 main weapons of the enemy Dreadnought.


Round 3 : This is the final round, in this round you have to destroy 3 enemy missile launchers guarding the Dreadnought’s main deck. Be careful, these launchers deal heavy damage!

I have a question about the T4 version of the map which also counts for the shipyard one too.

Is it game design to have to use map bugs to complete the missions?


Ive been able to complete about 80% of these games now that i know were to be and how to respond to situations but it does seem wierd that if you go out in the open in either of the maps then it doesnt matter how skilled what tier ship and fitting or even who are your squad mates are you are simply toast.


Of course there is something to be said about using cover as a tactic but its seems more like you have to bug the enemy movement to a point where they cant all shoot on you in order to survive.

Isnt there some way to make it more challenging skill wise and not just bombard the players with unending waves of NPC’s to a point where actual space flight is not a part of the game anymore?


Most NPC ships can be destroyed in some decent fashion but as it stands now the Commander(Elite) ships are just ludacris no way you’ll ever kill one solo which isnt  to much a problem with your squad mates but when you have 3-4 of them flying around it seems more like a death squad waiting for you to come out from hiding and die.

I agree with the above.  This goes for all of the T3 (if there even is “T3”) scenarios.  They are so difficult that the only way to survive is by literally scraping your ship across the hull of the dreadnought and sliding into a safe place with cover.  For the whole match you are simply hugging the hull the ENTIRE time and if you deviate one little bit your dead.  Don’t even think about flying around (like you’re supposed to) or you’re dead in seconds.  In fact there have been several occasions during phase 2 where I couldn’t even make it from Beacon B to Beacon C.


I have an Anaconda with full synergy and all T3 Mk.II mods which should be proficient.  Even in teams where people know what they are doing end up failing many times.  


In my humble opinion, if you have to exploit a bug or an unintended mechanic in order to survive there is a problem.  It almost seems as if there is no T3 mission, especially when you NEVER get any T3 loot - always T4.  


C’mon devs - how about some balance?  Do you people have testers that don’t hack, or devs that play these scenarios in the ships we use?    

FYI: This mission has been renamed in yet another “hidden” update.