PVE mission Defence contract

Hi, today I was playing this pve mission, Defence Contract, while after killing all the enemies of the second wave and moving to where I knew the next wave would have spawned, I noticed it was taking a little longer, than I and the other players stopped in position waiting for enemies, so we noticed that there was something wrong. There were no enemies spotted on the map or by the HUD indicators, we also decided to move away in case someone of us could be blocking the spawn but nothing happened, so after some minutes moving around we decided to abandon ships and report this bug.


I think it’s a server side problem, not spawning ships because a player were too far, at least that’s what I suppose from the log file.

I’ve uploaded 2 screenshots I did, and the log report of this game session, I found this error just before I saved the screenshot:


19:00:50.208         | Skip sentence ‘TEAM_KILL_ENEMY’ due already playing ‘ANCR_PLAYER_DESTROY_ENEMY_SHIP’
19:01:10.510    ERROR| [string “scripts/m3dsys.lua”]:0: bad argument #2 to ‘format’ (no value)
Stack trace:

19:02:40.783         | Skip sentence ‘TEAM_COMBAT_RANDOM’ due too far (owner ‘miha6227’)
19:04:22.466         | Screenshot saved to E:\Users\Simone\Documents\My Games\StarConflict\Screenshots\screenshot-170714-190422.jpg

[![20170714190422_1.jpg](< base_url >/uploads/monthly_2017_07/20170714190422_1.thumb.jpg.18466578dce9a1bc63d7796180c0c0f3.jpg)](< base_url >/uploads/monthly_2017_07/20170714190422_1.jpg.d703e4d8033f0f8e399775f0c11d5b97.jpg)

[![20170714190632_1.jpg](< base_url >/uploads/monthly_2017_07/20170714190632_1.thumb.jpg.f4be1a2706a497e932c67d1a2dcf2baa.jpg)](< base_url >/uploads/monthly_2017_07/20170714190632_1.jpg.48602dd8442dbefc5de559926d425c06.jpg)







On 17/7/2017 at 9:32 AM, Skula1975 said:


what does it mean?

22 minutes ago, SiMoZ said:

what does it mean?

Just a internal refernece number/ It mean that they will look into the bug.