PvE Matchmaker "Locks" on Operation Monolith

Hi Staffs and Mercenaries;

I’m sure that many people prefer to play PvE (“Missions” in the “To Battle” menu") because of their high Credits yield when compared to PvP modes. Most (if not all) players that choose to not select a particular mission when joining the PvE matchmaking queue may discover that the Matchmaker picks “Operation Monolith” most of the time. [I’m currently located in Malaysia (usually connected to Russian servers when in PvE or PvP according to HUD debug status) I included this so that if each server has different parameters when choosing Missions]. I have always assumed that the Matchmaker _ randomly _ selects a Mission when a particular mission is not chosen, but this assumption seems to have been proven wrong. Is this experienced by only me or is this a bug? Please respond or provide feedback to let me know what you think. Thanks!

Best regards;


The explanation is simple, the mission has no tier brackets, any ship form R6 to R17 can get matched in there, it’s also a new mission so more people tend to play it, it has dynamicity not only for the secondary but also the primary tasks, and like Ariadne’s Thread it gives better rewards the more time it takes for you to finish the mission, but this one is easier.

Oh… I see, thanks for explaining :stuck_out_tongue: