PvE map idea!

A simple concept:Survive as long as you can!

For each wave you have to defeat a certain number of enemies,the objective would be to defend a structure or a ship or your team to stay alive,upon its completion,on top of the screen the prize for each wave completion should be shown,like 100k creds each wave on T5 or something,the enemies should range from Biomorphs,Pirates and even Predators or other modified ships as bosses!

So,didn’t really thought about some maps,kinda making your own bunker camping there with the engis and spamming drones while you do your taxes and drink a tea isn’t really that challenging,or maybe building towers like on Crimson Haze and making it a semi-tower defence match,or you can do a racing mission for those 700m/s Tacklers cuz why not!

Anyway,these are pretty much my ideas,know 1 or 2 may have been told already but I’d really like to see one of them in the further updates,besides the R14 destroyer and SP tackler for Jericho(if there would be one…)

I’d love a mission like this. It has been suggested multiple times by multiple people so it is obviously wanted by the community. Xp

The only problem is that the English forums are kinda pointless as of lately. None of the devs are listening or paying attention.

devs too bussy with DDs. This suggestions are also far from priority list, so…even that i would love seing something like this, is not gonna be present in the near future.