Pve level greifing

The game lvl selection is backwards. It should default to lvl 1 unless someone specifies higher. THIS WOULD PREVENT LOW LEVEL GRIEFERS. Also if the guy who selects the level loses gets nothing while the others get same rewards as if they won to prevent grieving the other way.

Many times when I play PVE I will always ask for the level I can play. Often I will get a nasty response and they then go from an already low level to 1 just to spite me. I retaliate and say wont play then. They threaten to report me and have me banned. My response is the game has a quit battle so I dont have to play.

I hope we can revert to back when the selection started at 1. This is getting really frustrating.

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I think ennemies should scale to your level , or , to each players level.

Imagine a player choosing level 30 & another choosing just 1.

Then player lvl 1 will receive damages divided by 29 & will see its damages multiplied by 29.

This way it will prevent two frustrating situations from happening.

First one is when a player choses a level too low, so low it makes completing the mission meaningless.
Another one happens when a high ranked player choses a level too high, even for himself. At this point you’re just wasting your time knowing the mission won’t be completed.