PVE: last man alive disconnected and the match didn't end.

I was in a PVE match today (blackwood shipyard). 3 of us died leaving this one guy alive

He isolated himself from the boss and didn’t attack for a long time… looked like was just waiting for something. He then disconnected after making everyone wait

We should have lost the battle the moment he disconnected.

I did leave the battle after everyone else disconnected but my ships are still in battle



If he reconnects and returns to battle he gets his ship back.  I’ve had client crashes in a match, then relaunched and rejoined the battle still going on.  That explains why the match didn’t instantly end.


It just royally sucks for everyone else waiting 40 more minutes to play a match.

And what the situation now? You ships are still in battle?

I logged in again two hours later and they were back. I’m assuming the mission timer ran out or beacons got captured