pve: does enemy waves spawn on timer, or when prev wave dead?

in pve mode, where enemy waves will keep coming, does 1 wave only spawn in when the previous wave are dead, or they spawn on timer regardless previous wave status?

I believe it is after the last wave is dead, or only has a certain amount of ships left.

It might depend on if the objective is to kill the waves or to do something else.

In the first stage of Blackwood, I’ve never seen a wave spawn before the previous one was completely dead. But the last stage on HMS seems to have a timer, which gets advanced if you kill all the enemies in a wave before it ends. Never really paid attention to any other ones.

if you don’t kill a mob in last stage of HMS, small boss (forgot the name, sorry) will not spawn at all.

It depends. In some scenarios waves are consecutive, but in others, they just keep spamming.


For example in Blackwood, stage 1 and 3 have different waves, and they only spawn after you have killed the previous one.


But in stage 2, the waves spawn with timers, and if you don’t kill them, you can be easily overwhelmed.

Blackwood Stage 3 waves spawn based on the health of the Punisher, not the state of the previous wave.

Beacon capture rounds the npcs will spawn to replace fallen ones so don’t wait around please (Some naughty players farm synergy from this, waiting 40mins to get past a beacon round really takes the biscuit… If it were they respawn only after the entire wave is wiped then you’d have far less failed missions. (They made sure it’s impossible to cap beacons in higher pves solo as there’s always an enemy presence by them, last year wasn’t the case could easily do those beacons alone or with 2)


Reminds me of a pve this year, was Round 1, last beacon, only 1 int alive and this was before we could revive. They wasted a good 20mins trying to take the beacon, they’d try and have to microwarp when outgunned, which is no big ask as recons are the most feeble class in the game… Anyway they couldn’t kill enough npcs to cap the beacon for long, whatever pts they reduced the npcs would replace (after some respawned) when the player warped away, eventually I swore at them and they crashed as we got fed up waiting.

Every mission different but Blackwood uses all 3 methods


phase 1, new waves don’t come till after prev wave is dead.

phase 2, the keep coming new batch every few seconds, so be quick on main targets

phase 3, is based on Boss health, so if you do too much dps on boss too quick without thining out some the spawns you can trigger a wipe.



Anyone know the mechanic used in Ice Belt btw… Ice belt new to me as only just hit T4, seems little rough, but guess they knack/tactic to it.