PvE: Defense Contracts scenarios - Cruiser engine bugged

Bug report:


What happened?

Both Defense contracts -  Fire support and Defense Contract scenarios/missions in PvE are affected by this bug, most likely resulting in mission failure.

Cruiser’s engines do not emit any visual flames and glow, after being destroyed and even engines’ remnants from destruction of those!

Also, Cruiser does not reduce, or not fully reduce its speed to minimum, once all 4 Cruiser’s engines has been destroyed!


Screenshot: (Fire support and Defense Contract PvE)





2016.10.04 14.36.41.zip


Soo…the pirates upgraded their normal engines into Quantum Pyshcic Engines…

I played one defense contract today (with randoms) and we defeated the cruiser with no problems (5km+ to spare). I cant tell if the cruiser was going faster than usuall, but destroying the engines reduced its speed considerably.

Inside of Heavy Cruiser bug lel

im entered the ship by ramming it


will be fixed