PVE buffed so no one can do Poly Crystal missions

New patch buffed PVE to the point where its unplayable. I used to be able to do up to Level 90. Now I can bare barely do 45. It is believed they did this so no one can complete level 60 missions. I am Level 180/140 and these ai is killing me instantly even with engie drones.

dunno what to say… but in fact maybe you need to be in group with more attack lvl people?

I used to be able to win lvl 90 solo.

strange… nothing has changed for me…i mean, i never do lvl 90 bc i can’t do it, but i used to do lvl 71 contrat def. So, lvl 60 isn’t too hard, finally even with turrets but i have 228/ 153 and good seed chips (with Tai’kin)

I call bs on that. You mods get special privileges.

as you want :slight_smile: don’t see why i would lie, but if you prefer:)