PvE: Bots do not follow new live targets if the old one died!

Bug report: (PvE matches only) - 2 related bugs with bots



What happened?

During any mission, if a player dies, bots will lose track, then they will wander off the map, 30 km away instead of focusing or locking on a new player. (Most scenarios.)

Also, bots are sticking to one target instead of changing priorities if another target is nearby or attacking.


What should happen?

A bot should change targets and pursue living targets, not lost a track of it or just stick to one target while the others are simply firing on it.

Same goes for target priorities. Bots should not completely neglect or ignore a player that can be attacked directly, or is attacking them.

Bots should change or shift their priority to the nearest available or attacking target. (Best example: Fire Support and Defence Contract scenario.)



Screenshot: (Only one bot pursues the last living player, the rest are lost, unable to lock onto a new target, wandering off the map!)



Logs: (Pirate Base Raid - PvE)

[2018.02.03 20.51.42.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=16062)

Yeah I noticed that too. I would cloak for a while and run way far away, then as soon as I’d un-cloak I’d be locked again.

It also happens when you die and resurrect your ship. All the same enemies follow you.


Its super not good if you are the “primary target” for the enemies like I so frequently am.

indeed, a very annoying bug… 

Happens also when someone throw a black hole that wont kill all at once. They forget to stop running away.