Hello. I have to report that most of bots in Adriana Nit just simply sit and self destruct. In my case there are two bots ‘‘EthanDed’’ , CHE7oBuk. I know there are more bots bugged on this map but i must report at least these two. Can you please look at what’s wrong? Thank you


Yeah the Ai “companions” you get when the MM decides to toss you into a match earlier than expected are far from bright for some reason as more often than not they break completely and as you saw in this match in particular - drift into the borders of the map and fail to turn around leading to them infinitely self destructing. I myself am completely unsure of what triggers the Ai to aggro targets or objectives but right now the scenario depicted is more common than not whenever you get paired with some Ai partners.

On 9/29/2018 at 11:53 AM, Sharkonus said:

Can you please look at what’s wrong? Thank you

Please use standard form for bugreport 

Logs for time of issue needed.