Please can we use a ship of any rank in PvAI?


Buffing ships to rank 17 but not allowing rank 17 ships is very silly.

The problem is that rank 17 ships outperform upscaled ships easily and if a r17 matched with a bunch of r5 then you’re getting all the kills and wasting everyone else’s time.  If this doesn’t happen, as if matchmaking is working as intended where number of kills are evenly distributed among players, then sure, but from what I observe so far, it’s not happening.

Medium necro, not bad, but a “working” matchmaking doesn’t mean that everyone will have the same performance, even if both teams are perfectly symmetrical ship rank and role wise there is always the player skill you should take into account, some play it safe, others are try-hards that keep rushing into the enemy team hoping to get a kill or two before they die, it’s up to the players to have a “balanced” match.