Pushing Of credits.

Hello everyone, I have been registered with SC for 5 years
the game has changed and positive since my return a few days ago

however, I come to talk about a subject that I find is not to please this game… :

recently I learned that the PvE “monolith” mission gives over 700k of credits when it is done well. or almost as much when nothing is done, and that’s the problem.

this morning as I was getting ready for my X2 bonuses, I came across 10 games in a row or the players did nothing and stayed afk, players with tier 15 ships for me it was impossible to do anything it’s with my poor rank 7 … ![:unsure:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/unsure.png “:unsure:”)

At the moment I still have not achieved my mission, and these players make the game ridiculous. all the development of the devs, however, by a band of profiteers who do not even have the interest to play while they accumulate credits for new ships

I would like this to be back to the dev’s, it is a total lack of respect for the other players who are trying to make a place and gaijin development.

sincerely, Furtif7


PS: I do not know if this is the right section for this subject.

Right click : report


Just get your team to self-destruct and start over. Punish those who afk.