Pure speed

Soo i got my hawk doing 562 with burners, aby other speed demons too look forward to?

(this works wonders in beacon capture)

The maximum speed is 700 m/s. And you can easily reach it with a fed fighter + cruise engine, or a gunship + overdrive + the speed module. 

In fact, nearly all the fighters can be faster then this 562 m/s  ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)


Even the r11 fed destroyer can go up to 500 m/s or reach 700 with the command buff. 

In t3+ you can get your interceptors going at 700 m/s (which is actually the hard cap - nothing can go faster except warping). If you don’tmind getting premium ships, a lot of people like the Sai for speed builds. Otherwise the Spectre Falcon is often made to run at 700 for detonation matches.




Yep. You can get lots of things to go -really really fast-. I got my fed destroyer to go 580. If I had a command buff that would have been the speed cap probably. XD

And I typically don’t go for speed builds, but speed tacklers are honestly really fun to fly in Open Space.

You can get 800m/s if you know how :stuck_out_tongue:

38 minutes ago, RennieAshII said:

You can get 800m/s if you know how :stuck_out_tongue:

AB+Forward+2x 90 deg strafes

I thought we settled this kind of stuff,keep your media for the R14 DDs!