Purchasing Standards Error

Hi guys,

i just wanted to share something that just happened that i hope you can look into.


5 minutes ago i purchased the 3300 GS pack through my steam wallet. Steam Wallet History shows the correct amount transferred.

Unfortunately in-game i seem to own 1477GS, i think i had less than 300 before the purchase, not sure about that.

So it seems i only ended up with around 1300GS for the price of 3300.


A printscreen is attached with what i can see on my side, hope you can check if theres a bug with that, its the kind of bug that actually costs money :slight_smile:


Thanx in advance!






Guys, i think the mistake was mine, i apologize for raising an nonexistent issue…

I think the purchase went just fine, i ended up with an extra ship i think that would cover that difference that its missing.



I arrived at the Buy Standards window after wanting to purchase a ship i didnt have the money for, so after adding the money to the game account, i belive the game purchased that ship automatically.


I was expecting, as in previous versions, that the money will just be added to my account and id have to go back to the ship screen to buy it, but im guessing a neat new update made this much more functional.


In any case, i just noticed i do have a Spirit now, which is why i was adding some money to the account, so … i apologize once more, everything is fine… must have been that glass of PanGalactic GurgleBlaster i had at the bar near my hangar…

If everything is fine, then it’s good.

Anyways, with such issues you should create a Support Ticket.