Pulse Laser 17

Does anyone knows if Pulse Laser 17 for cover ops is dropped right now?, i have been farming for hours in lava spines while karma was getting killed and 0 loot at all… theres a guide that says (that down there ***), but there are no pirates nor cartels to kill…


***Lava Spines

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What can be found here:

Graphite ores, pirates and cartels, item drops from enemies are:

Pulse Laser 17, Gravi-Beamer 17, Positron Cannon 17, ‘Moriarty’ virus 17, Energy cube 17 and Adaptive plugin 17


Either spawn issue or devs forgot to add mobs there at all, only ships that are flying there are Federation Patrol and Imperial Scout. Patrols are hostile for whatever reason and shoots the scouts, so I assume only scouts drops anything, but they are annihilated by patrols very fast. Similar issue like with Control Point, where there are 5 groups of patrol and 2 groups of mobs that are instakilled by them.

When farming iridium was easy and with that also getting blueprints/mats for crafting they made an “emergency patch” and they changed/removed pirate stashes but with this theres no patch?.. i crafted a peregrine to use it with pulse laser and i cant find the damn weapon… frustrating.

Must i make a ticket for this or what?, crafted a ship 2 days ago and cant use it how i want to use it because of the damn weapon not dropping, nobody can tell you if it drops somewhere else because either they are hermits or there arent a lot of people playing anymore, i see in general chat 3 or 4 guys with different names every day but thats it.