pulling ships from game

OK heres something you might have missed…Support ships don’t need to run around blindly. they support their fleet. so find a nice quiet spot where your not being attacked and sit there, throwing out shield boosts and armor repairs for everyone. BUT…several times I was doing just that, and even sending out drones to attack enemy ships…and was forcibly removed from the game for inactivity…really? Sending and controlling 2 attack drones, using shield boosts and armor repairs every few minutes, doesn’t count as activity? You need to consider the ship and what it does, Support ships don’t always need to run around dodging things every few seconds, if they are used right, so adjust this and give us Support people a break on your inactivity timer.

Seems that game counts not using thrusters as inactivity.

Sitting in place is not good. Strafe left-right, relocate to keep as much people as possible in the range of your buffs. 

It could be a PvE, on which case you can sit around quite a bit in support ships. I would have thought that moving the mouse counts as activity, otherwise, just tap the w key every 1-2 minutes.

Personally I tend to move enough in most game modes, even though I could sit at 0 speed and turret the enemies.