PSA: Drone operator RepK-2 effect does not stack

  • Hull repair effect repairs 500 hull per second.
  • Duration does not stack, only resets to 3 seconds.
  • Dozens of kits can be picked up instantaneously and in rapid succession to no benefit.


With this information, Eclipse is probably better in most ways… Why?

The only downside of the Eclipse is that you cannot heal yourself with the effect.

  • 440 hull repair, every shot, in a 400m radius (Not just on crits, and 60% wider radius)
  • Does not require an enemy to be hit.
  • Does not require an ally to be in the fray to pick up the kit.
  • Benefits greatly from rate-of-fire seed chips, potentially performing better than the WL13 Emitter


If I could make a suggestion, it would be to make kits stack duration up to 6 seconds, and only consume another kit if it’s below 3 seconds.


All said, not a great weapon, very gimmicky, difficult to use with any reliability since the kit position pivots on where the enemy is, and if the shot crit or not.